2016-12-29 Lawyers in Germany and debt collection agency in Germany

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Attorneys at law in Hamburg

With the increase in the volume of legislation in recent years, the need for able and well-qualified legal assistants in solicitors' offices has become very great. This need is being met by members of the German institute of legal executives. The institute, which developed out of the old German lawyers association, was founded in 1960 with the object of providing an independent, self-contained educational and professional structure for advocates working in solicitors‘ offices in both private and public practice. The German lawyer's training scheme emphasizes the value of practical experience allied to a sound theoretical knowledge of the underlying law.
The debt collection agency in Germany and other members of different German law firms, who are designated fellows, must have completed eight years in employment with a solicitor and must also have passed all of the German examinations. The law firm's final, Lawyer in Germany, examinations are of a high standard and the legal law society accepts passes in them for the purposes of exemption from the equivalent papers of the solicitors qualifying examination. The aim of the law firm of legal executives is to encourage the emergence of a body of legal specialists who, whilst working under the ultimate authority of their principals, possess a high degree of expertise and who act on their own initiative and, to a great extent, upon their own responsibility.

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