Cheap debt collection service in Germany

As German lawyers, we think it should not cost a single cent to recover payment for goods or services that have not been paid for in time, and our clients agree with us. The German legislation empowers us to provide a true no cost commercial debt recovery service and debt collection solution to businesses of all sizes, in all sectors across Germany.
The whole team of lawyers always endeavour to recover and pay to the creditors the whole sum of the outstanding debt they are owed, and in most cases we are successful in doing this, within 15 days and without a need for further legal action.
We add late payment charges and regular interest to the amount to be collected from the German debtor to cover the costs. The customer receives every cent he is owed and a completely legal debt recovery and debt collection service. No additional charges, fees or commission are payable by the foreign creditor.
If it’s not possible for us to recover a debt within 14 days, the client decides if we close our debt recovery file or issue legal proceedings in Germany on their behalf. If a client decides to close a file the services we have provided are free of charge.

The agency:

We are not just another debt collector or debt collection agency, our expert application of late payment legislation and financial, investigative and tracing actions combined with our vast experience, professionalism, persistence and cheap to the creditor service makes us truly unique within our industry.
The missing payment of invoices creates many problems, at the very least chasing late payers is frustrating and time consuming, it can even mean you are unable to pay your suppliers on time and threaten the working relationships you have endevoured to build, and in some cases it can be critical, simply because they have not been paid and cannot meet their outgoings.
Despite the problems associated with the unwilling debtors many businesses are understandably reluctant to use a German debt collection agency. There is still a stigma attached to the debt collection firms. But lawyers offer an alternative, a service carried out in accordance with legislation, the law is on our side and this is just one of the reasons for our successful recovery rate.