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Riding in Spain... and beach holiday !

Spain is one of the most popular southern European travel destinations. Especially the warm summer weather attracts tourists from Northern Europe. Large sandy beaches, magnificent dunes and lagoons and good hotels with clean facilities and of course the always pleasant climate make the country an ideal destination for a beach holiday.
The holiday in Spain:
Many travelers who opt for the holiday in Spain do not just want to spend the whole holiday by the sea. They also want to undertake something else. And here we offer the ideal combination with horse riding. A vacation where you learn to ride or you solidify your existing knowledge.
The coastal areas of Spain with their endless scenery and great beaches offer horse farms and riding stables where you can spend a wonderful combined holiday.
The Costa Blanca is a popular Spanish holiday region, for not only the southern coast with its large beaches and its distinctive landscape is attractive for a riding holiday. Accommodation and apartments in the region of Alicante for example are a good alternative for holidays in Andalusia.
Riding at the beach:
From the long sandy beaches, impressive dunes and the rocky back country to small romantic beaches and natural lagoons the region offers everything the holiday-maker could wish for his holiday.
The Andalusian countryside has a stillness about it because many of the horse farms are well integrated in the nature. The dunes and lagoons which were so important in ancient times are now preserved by Spanish tourists, while much of the land is dedicated to nature, which is all the better for horse riding and the pure beauty for all vacation activities is even offered. Situated in a quiet region south of Alicante, the dunes of Guardamar and Torrevieja serve as a central base for any kind of rides into the surrounding countryside. From the nature reserve of this medieval region, which was used by several foundations, every one has the opportunity to experience riding lessons even for beginners and childs. The beautiful unspoiled Andalusian region between Alicante and Aguilas, which gave its name to the trees, is the setting for whole-day rides through the countryside of Valencia. One riding tour proceeds to several different villages during the vacation, staying in small hotels typical of the Spanish country region, while the other is based at the horse farm and combines riding and family holiday at the beach with the opportunity to meet other riders and equestrians.
Riding on horse by the Mediterranean
     Sea The beach of Costa Blanca in Andalusia